Talofa lava! Welcome to Lusia’s Samoan World!

Better late than never!!!
Ok, today Saturday 16 July 2011.   Oh dear, is it really??
I feel so blessed that I am actually writing this page!!

Thanks first of all to the initiative that SHA has taken so that finally I was able to sit inside a classroom and actually become part of A Class!!!  First day being Moday 11 July 2011.
Phew!  and it was energy draining!  I was useless for anything else, let alone cooking some sort of dinner that Monday evening, so off to bed and woke up weiry-eyed the next morning!!!!   And what did “”Dr Healthy”” always stress!!!   “That if you fell fatigued, get out and about and get excersised”   And that is just how I managed during my second day of class.   I caught the bus, haven’t done this in Upolu Island since 1988.  Got off at Lata bridge, then I continued by walking, half way up the Maagiagi Hill, I decided to hop in a taxi so that I would not be too late for class….

I better not forget what I started off to do in this page!

Secondly, Thanks so much to the Chamber of Commerce for their role in assisting the Private Sector, especially with education and for upskilling us all the time!!!   Thanks so much Nyn!!!

Last but not least, My gratitude to Mats for taking time out from his very busy schedule to teach us skills that are so necessary in our Businesses today.  

Malo Everyone!  God Bless!